What Does Transvestic Disorder Mean?

What is Transvestic Disorder, and how does it affect you? Well, first of all what is Transvestic Disorder is an actual medical condition, a disorder that can be found in many people who are suffering from Transvestic Facet Syndrome, which is a severe over-the-top fashion sense. This disorder comes from the fact that people who have had accidents in their lives, or have been born with certain deformities that cause them to not be able to stand up with proper posture, or can be born with certain scars that run in a certain line down the back of their legs. Some people have even had their organs remove, and had to suffer through extreme pain after the fact because they were not born with it.

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However, there are some people that have had the misfortune of having to deal with this disorder since they were very young, and it just goes back throughout their lives, and they are just basically left with these feelings. Some of the feelings associated with transvestic disorder can really make your head spin, because sometimes it will seem as if you are walking around in a daze, having no idea what you are feeling. Sometimes these feelings can come out of nowhere, and other times they can creep up on you over time. The statistical manual that is used to describe the disorder lists this disorder as a separate class of abnormal feelings that go along with many of the other mental disorders out there, and many of the other conditions that a person might experience.

People who suffer with Transvestic Disorder report excessive sweating, and extreme levels of discomfort in the genitals due to their condition. There is a high risk of developing this disorder if a person suffers from excessive underarm or facial perspiration, or if they are constantly worried about their bottom being exposed, or if they cannot stop their bottom from sweating regardless of what they are doing. There can also be problems with the heart, lungs, kidneys, and bladder due to the distress that people who have this disorder cause in these areas of their body. It is estimated that over twenty percent of those who have excessive sweating also have problems with their heart, their lungs, or their bladder. In addition to the discomfort that can come from Transvestic Disorder, there is also a high chance for serious medical complications due to this condition, and a large portion of those who suffer from it are unsure that it will ever go away.

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