Vauxhall Made By Royal Doulton

royal doulton

Royal Doulton – pronounced ro-duh-thon – is an English potter and home accessories maker originally founded in 1815 at Vauxhall. Working initially in Vauxhall, London, it moved to Lambeth, London, in 18 82 where it opened a large factory at Burslem, Stoke-on-Kent, in the center of English ceramics. In the late nineteenth century it moved to its present site in Stoke-on-Kent and has been making fine ceramic designs ever since. In the early twentieth century, when the Second World War broke out the factory was forced to relocate to Bovingdon, but it retained its original warehouse and still manufactures ceramic tile, among other things.

The Best Company is a Curious one

The history of the company is a curious one: in the late 19th century, following a dispute with a manufacturer over royalty rights to a variety of pots and vases, it was decided that a company should be established in the country instead. In a bid to attract more customers the company moved into a small cottage on the Royal Norfolk Island, which had good drainage, and the name was changed to Royal Doulton later in the century. It has had four different directors since then, each one brought in by another company. A fourth director, Bernard Davis, took charge in 1970. He brought with him a passion for English pottery, and his association with Vauxhall gave him the foresight to establish the firm’s name as a quality manufacturer. He worked hard to make sure that all the manufacturing plants were located in places with easy access to the raw materials needed.

If you are looking for casual tableware and ceramics, then consider Royal Doulton. They make some great designs, so you are bound to find something that will go well with most of your rooms. With their low prices you won’t have to worry too much about breaking your budget. You can trust that you will receive a high quality product made by someone who takes pride in their work.

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