Tree Pruning – Keep Your Trees Free of Growth Problems!

Tree pruning is a significant part of any bonsai tree care. The purpose of pruning is to keep the tree healthy by removing unwanted branches and leaves. The branches of the tree are usually removed entirely or at least most of them, while keeping the heartwood and sapwood of the tree intact. Pruning also helps tree enthusiasts maintain and grow their trees in a natural, healthy way.

All About Tree Pruning

One of the most common tree pruning techniques used by bonsai enthusiasts is called branch pruning. In this method, tree pruning scissors or wires are used to trim branches that have grown too large for the tree’s shape. Good pruning techniques should be used to help prevent the loss or breakage of the tree’s main stem, which would result from pruning. In addition to branch pruning, some bonsai enthusiasts choose to thin out certain portions of their tree’s trunk or side branches to enhance the show of the tree’s foliage. Some people even prefer to thin out individual leaves or branches during a year’s worth of bonsai maintenance.

Another important aspect of tree pruning is cutting back the size of the main trunk. Doing this, allows the tree to better absorb the moisture and nutrients from the soil it is growing in. It also allows for better air circulation around the tree and its branches. This is especially important during hot summer months, when direct sunlight can damage new growth of trees by drying out the roots. Direct sunlight can also encourage the growth of bacteria, which can eventually kill off the plants even before they have a chance to grow and produce new growth.

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