Pest Control – Do You Need A Specialist?

Pest control is defined as the regulation or management of a variety of insects and arachnids by using controlled, environmentally safe techniques to control or eradicate an existing population of these pests. Depending upon the kind of pests and their respective environment, will distinguish a number of pest control practices that include mechanical pest control, biological pest control, chemical pest control and the application of pesticides. All pest control practices will employ some form of physical control and some form of biological control and it is important to recognize the difference between the three. It is also necessary to

What techniques are considered more hazardous?

Mechanical pest control involves the use of chemicals as a form of controlling the infestation of termites, cockroaches and other pests, such as rodents and ants. Such chemicals will either be injected into the environment (field-wise) or be applied directly to the pest-affected areas. For termite treatment, baits, which consist of baits with active ingredient like boric acid, are usually employed. These chemicals will break down the life stage of the pest and cause them to die either gradually or immediately. Baits should be used only as a last resort for termite treatment.

Chemical insecticides are generally applied to exterminate mosquitoes, flies and other insects. When these are used, the exterminator will need to apply them in an efficient manner to ensure that sufficient amounts of pesticide gets absorbed into the ground for long-term protection. During the initial stages of the treatment, rodents living in the vicinity of the affected area will get affected as well and thus the exterminator will need to locate the rodent. In order to do this, the exterminator must know the typical characteristics of these creatures and then use his knowledge accordingly. While rodents will die quickly, insects can live up to six weeks without eating.

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