Healthy Homes Tauranga

Healthy Homes in Tauranga is a community that looks after its residents and provides them with a sense of pride and well being. This is achieved through promoting a cleaner community where people live in harmony with each other and with the environment. Healthy Homes Tauranga is a non profit organisation that brings together its members and local businesses to work towards achieving this aim. It is a membership organisation that promotes community and awareness about the importance of living greener and having a sustainable community where everyone can get on with their lives. Click here to read more articles.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Healthy Homes Tauranga

Healthy Homes Tauranga has three different neighbourhood designs, each with its own style and vibe. They are Green Greens, Cool Greens and Green Outlook. All of these styles have a relaxed, casual feel and aim to create a community where people can live without fear and where environmental factors are revered and respected. The homes are environmentally friendly and are built to New Zealand standards.

Each community has a meeting place, group activities, and ongoing events to keep residents active and involved. There is a newsletter to keep residents informed of local happenings, and you can always sign up to receive emails about new projects or special events that are happening in the area. Healthy Homes Tauranga has a central committee, and all areas are led by a resident of the community. This way, residents can feel a strong connection to the community and the projects that are run by the organisation. You can also join online forums and discuss problems and get ideas on how to improve your home and lifestyle.

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